Sep 23, 2018
God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
Series: Fake News
  • Sep 23, 2018God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
    Sep 23, 2018
    God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
    Series: Fake News
  • Sep 10, 2018Suicide, It’s Just a Thing
    Sep 10, 2018
    Suicide, It’s Just a Thing
    Series: Fake News
    Welcome to our new series called: “Fake News”
    In this series we'll be looking at how the latest issues in our culture impact our lives in real ways.
    Misinformation of our culture suggests: That it’s not ok, to NOT be ok.
    Fashion designer/Kate Spade
    Celebrity chef & travel documentarian for CNN/Anthony Bourdain
    Mega Church Pastor Inland Hills Church, Chino CA/30yr Andrew Stoecklein
    Scripture held him once as King of Israel & highly used of God/King Saul
    All outwardly successful and all took their own lives, with the later two being Believers as well.
    Scripture says in Ex. 20:13 (KJV) “Thou shall not kill.” The scripture is pretty straight forward here, but it's silent about taking our own life.  So today... I'm going to speak from the lie: “Suicide, It’s Just a Thing”
    “It’s just a thing” Is a dangerous term we flippantly use for dismissal.
    Lecrae said, “I’m not a Christian because I’m strong and have it all together. I’m a Christian because I’m weak and admit I need a savior.”
    Fake News is a term made popular in the last two years by our current Administration. Fake news (according to Wikipedia) is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda, that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print, broadcast news media or online social media. This false information is mainly distributed by social media, but is periodically circulated through mainstream media.…
    How has false information made an impact on your life?
    Scripture says the devil is the father of all lies, John 8:44.  We definitely know where lies come from, but that’s not the problem. The reason we believe lies are because...
    Most, if not all, have been touched by failure, flaws, disappointment & differences.
    Suicide does not discriminate! It has touched every culture, regardless of pedigree.
    Why is suicide prevalent today? Because people have no one to honestly talk to.
    So... if the bible is silent on suicide, what must we know?
    In Acts 3:15, Peter preaches that only Jesus is the Author of life.  If God gives life… only He has the right to take life.
    • A common mistake among those clinically diagnosed like Anthony Bourdain & pastor Stoecklein, is that when people feel good, they discontinue treatment (council/medication). They go back to routine and the symptoms return. They forget the treatment is designed to make them feel better.
    • We might feel real affects but we’ve got to declare with the Psalmist in Psalm 118:17 “I will not die, instead, I will live to tell what the Lord has done” This doesn’t mean that I will never die. The Psalmist knew he would, but we must be determined not to die at the hand of our present circumstances!
    • Sometimes we are only as good as we are prepared.  No one knows what tomorrow holds but, we must be determined and prepared to know WHO HOLDS TOMORROW!
    Two things for you to put in your phone today:
    Point #1. Don’t be a part of someone’s lie (being silent, proves no one cares)…
    Common Myths About Suicide:
    1). People who talk about suicide will not do it. This is a lie!
    2). Suicide happens without warning. 80% warn someone.
    3). All who commit suicide are mentally ill. No, not all. Despair can just come!
    4). Suicides peak during holidays.  No, the peak of suicide is the Spring. *Not clear why, but may because they have more energy to do it.
    5). Teens are the highest risk. Teens make headlines, but adults are highest risk.
    If you or someone close to you is in despair… what can you do?
    Point # 2. Become someone’s truth: (be attentive to others & listen).
    1). Don’t play it down. If you or someone you know have these feelings, they aren’t just a thing... they are real.
    2). Educate yourself on suicide awareness (This may help you one day).
    3). Remember shame is not of God... suicide is a common problem.
    4). Have someone in your life you can really open yourself up too.
    5). Get involved with a local church family! (serving, groups & practice faith).
    Suicide, “Just a Thing?” In the United States every 17mins someone takes their life!
    Kate Spade – Was known for (fashion accessories & handbags, etc). One medial outlet noted after her death that... She had a multi-million dollar business, a husband & a daughter. Why did she take her life? Because she still carried her own bag! We all have one. Some are new/fancy…some old/worn, which hold our secrets. We look polished and put together on the outside, but we’re holding onto secrets and insecurities in our bags. Secretly feeling not good enough, not smart or talented, pretty or witty enough.
    John 10:10: “”The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Abundant life isn’t easy or comfortable.  Abundant life equals, satisfaction & contentment. Do you want to experience God’s love in a real way?  In 1 John 2:17, Scripture says that everything one day will perish.  Think about that… everything that’s important this side of heaven will leave our hands one way or another… except for the love of God!  In 1 Cor. 13:13, there are only three things that will last forever, “Faith, Hope & Love…” The greatest of these three is love!
    You shall know the truth and the truth… shall set you free!
    Additional Resources:
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Norfolk – CrisisLink – a 24/7 crisis hotline 757-622-1126 Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center 757-627-LIFE (5433)
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