Character Impresses People, INTEGRITY Impresses God

1 Corinthians 1:26-29
Posted 3/5/2018
It has been said that our current generation has had one prominent thing impacting their lives.  That they have been virtually let down in everything and have confidence in almost nothing. Why is this?  Because they have yet to consistently see integrity modeled to them.  Think about it.  Integrity, and the lack thereof, might be the most important issue in North America today.  Even in ministry, very few have been so gifted that they did not need this essential quality.
You don’t have to be highly educated, wealthy, talented or attractive to be used by God.  BUT, you have to have integrity.  As far as equipment or tools… considering our lives, God can hit the ball out of the park.  But it won’t go too far with a crooked bat!
Believe this… people will examine you, long before you can affect them!  People will also love you and forgive your faults, as long as you are honest.  That’s the thing we must remember.  Don’t hide your flaws or mistakes when they are noticed.  Admit them and keep it moving.  Integrity is honesty.  Integrity is also truthfulness… that you and I will do what is expected of a man or woman of God.
Let me encourage you.  Despite what’s going on in the world.  Keep your word, keep pure, stay on your knees and above all else… know that you are empowered to live transparent and honest [Romans 8:12; Galatians 5:22-23].  Integrity is like a rudder on a ship, it seems like a small insignificant piece, but guiding our lives by it we stay on the right course.