Does God Really Forgive and Forget?

Isaiah 43:25 (ESV)
Posted 5/2/2017
Forgiveness is not always as easy as some make it seem. Just forgive!, why can’t you let it go!, how long are you going to hold on to that? Hurt, betrayal and disappointment can change us into someone we don’t recognize. That seed of un-forgiveness continues to grow and it impacts our relationship with Jesus, our friends and family; even how we see ourselves. How can we release something that seems to have a hold on us that is unshakable? Some say they can forgive but will never forget! Does God forgive that way. I forgive you but it will remain a part of your permanent record. Is that “real” forgiveness?
Thankfully the text reminds us that in Christ we have true forgiveness. Forgiveness that says if you confess to me with a sincere heart and turn from those ways I WILL FORGIVE AND FORGET! What Good News! No matter what you have done, my love and my grace will wipe the sin away. Not only wipe it away but it is as if it NEVER happened. We can choose to hold on to un-forgiveness or we can follow the example of our Savior. God help me forgive others the way you have forgiven me. Set yourself free by allowing God’s forgiveness to cover you!