God Among Us

Matthew 1:18-21
Posted 12/22/2107
The heavenly announcement of Jesus into the world was God in pursuit of us from His birth until now. While Mary was betrothed (basically engaged to Joseph for simplicity sake), she being a very young virgin, was found “with child from the Holy Spirit.” Just imagine Joseph wrapping his head around this. The Holy Spirit/God, the 3rd person of the Trinity! What a gift! But it wasn’t just for her… thank you Mary for being used of God.
Naturally, he considered what to do. Wouldn’t we? But God initiates the first move from heaven again and sends an angel. Not just any… but, Gabriel, a messenger of God, whose name means “God is great!” So… as Joseph considers many things, as not to shame his young fiancé, God finds him right in the midst of his thoughts, thoughts we might even have had and sends him a message. No worries… I am here.
How could this be? It was the message of God during Christmas… Do not fear, I’m going to save the world! But how will you do this Lord? By coming among you and providing hope and peace in this name: JESUS! In Jesus, everything Mary needed could be found and all that Joseph considered would be settled. Because when heaven sent this gift to humanity from God, it was God’s gift to save the world… one individual at a time.