Love Has A Need

1 John 4:16
Posted 1/12/2017
This year it’s my prayer that as a church… ReIGNITE, would develop a love for God that others see in each of us.
Maybe you have goals for this year or maybe not. But would you consider together as a family, not allowing yourself to become a novice of love? It’s important that you consider this…
The Bible teaches us that God is self-sufficient, but if God had a need, it would be for love. 1 John 4:16 tells us that “God is love” and since that is true, God also has a need. Because love must always have an object. Don’t get me wrong. That need is also fulfilled in Himself. God is a Trinity and each Person of the Trinity is loved by the others (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). And yet, the Bible says that God loves the world/humanity and gave to it an indispensable gift (John 3:16).
I’m going to walk a thin line here but hear me out… If God loves me, He needs me. Because the object of one’s love is a necessity to the happiness of the lover (in this case God). If Satan is the “Enemy of our Souls,” then God would be known as the “Lover of our Souls.” Isn’t that good? Lol.
How do you respond to God’s love? V. 16 “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.” As a believer, we are called to know God’s love, grace and believe it!