Outsider or Insider!

Colossians 4:5-6
Posted 5/31/2017
Nobody ever wants to feel like an outsider. You don’t feel welcome in the group. There are people who grew up in environments that made it seem as if they didn’t belong. People who have this in their background can spend a lifetime trying to fit in. In these two verses Paul is letting us know how important it is to make sure that NO ONE feels like an outsider on a Christian’s watch. Matter of fact he tells us that we should look for opportunities to bring the outsiders, inside the family of faith.
Judgement makes people feel like outsiders, but grace gently ushers them in. God has made available a free gift that we can’t keep to ourselves. Let no one feel like an outsider around you. It is your mission to make every one recognize how special they are in the sight of God. Let our conversation lead people towards the Lord’s table and not away from it. The church is an insider to truth. Make known to the world that God’s desire is that all people would be insiders (believers in Him).