Ready to Receive, Ready to Give

Acts 3:1-10 (ESV)
Posted 3/28/2017
I was just pondering on this story of the man who was so insignificant that he was known only by his condition (lame from birth). At first I thought, how sad to be known like that and dependent on others. But we ALL are born with a lameness called sin. Because of it, we are known by our condition “sinners” in God’s sight.
But when Peter and John come upon this insignificant man…notice I didn’t call him unknown? Because he was known, daily he was laid out in front of the temple. He was just insignificant, people helped him get his beg on. How many people do you give attention to or splurge the precious commodity of your time on, and yet not share what they really stand in need of?
People will always stand ready of need. So we should stand ready to give (not of only your resources, but the Good News of God’s salvation)! I’m not suggesting that Christians are to go around healing people literally. But through God’s grace, you are a healer of their souls!
Perhaps you know someone whom you pass daily or weekly on your way to work but they are so insignificant that you overlook their real need. Is it even on your radar? My friend, such as you have…freely give!