What Are ReGROUPS?

ReGROUPS are part of assimilation into ReIGNITE Church.  Our ReGROUP sessions go from early fall through late spring lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.  ReGROUPS are held in homes or various establishments (i.e. iHop, Panera, etc.)  Each week, participants will gather in small groups to reflect thoughts of what inspired and//or interested them from Sunday’s sermon/scripture given. It’s a time of fellowship around a common theme as get better acquainted and pray for one another. Childcare is usually NOT available.  Be prepared to purchase snacks, drinks or meals but may not be required. Enjoy the fellowship!

Fall ReGROUPS are here!

ReGROUPS are scheduled to START the week of September 12th (after the adjustment of the school starting)
Sign-up today! Just email the host below for the ReGROUP you’re going to attend. 
Daryl & Tracy
Thursdays @6:30pm
Redmill area
Anderson & Novelette
Fridays @7:00pm
Greenbrier area
Cody & Nicole
Thursdays @6:00pm
Indian River area
Carmen & Tiffany – Women’s Group
Tuesdays @6:30pm
Salem area
Huben & Johanna – Teen Group
*Once a month
Location & dates for events TBD
General questions about our ReGROUPS? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be back in touch with you!