Habakkuk 3:17-18
Posted 4/7/2016
Many times we find ourselves here in V. 17, empty, in solitude or alone thinking (have you ever been around many people and felt NO one knows your story completely), tired and fruitless. It is when you are here that the Lord is paying close attention… not when things are thriving, and favor is upon you. In the midst of emptiness, we must have a “YET” attitude about us! God wants to develop Yet Christians. In our opening text the destructive results of the Babylonian invasion will be felt throughout the land, but the prophet finds the source of his joy in God and not in his circumstances.
Someone said: “It is easy to praise in the midst of plenty, but praise in the midst of poverty is true believer stuff.”
Be careful when the majority of your religion is the result of comfortable praise, a full stomach, a cozy life of convenience and a life of careless whispers (remember the song…oh, my), God is more than a good friend! When God sends a Babylon to strip me, remember, He is still worthy of “ Yet I will rejoice”