I Have a Secret to Tell

Philippians 4:11-13
Posted 5/18/2017
Does God keep secrets from us? Curiosity always kicks in when people talk about having a secret. Doesn’t even always matter what the secret is. There’s something about being in “the know” that makes us feel special. Thankfully in God’s sight we are “all” SPECIAL! God by way of the Apostle Paul has revealed a secret to us that can dramatically change our lives for the better. It doesn’t matter what your going through. It’s a gift you can’t buy and only Christian maturity will embrace it. This secret is summed up in one word…………………………………..CONTENTMENT!
Wait a second Pastor, you’re not telling us the problem is going to be fixed? You’re telling us that contentment in Christ can give us the strength to endure ANYTHING?! I’m saying that God might just decide to fix it immediately, but even if that is not His will, our salvation doesn’t go away. Our contentment is not based on our situation, but it’s based on who HOLDS our situation. Christian maturity says, “I embrace suffering for the cause of Christ”. That we carry our cross gladly for our Savior and Lord. Is it easy?…No, but the Apostle is sharing a secret as to why he can endure hardship and remain faithful to the cause of Christ.
“Be content”, whatever the circumstances! Jesus is enough! This is a secret you can share!