Peace Please

Romans 12:18
Posted 5/9/2017
How can you make peace with someone who refuses to accept it? Have you ever tried to be the bigger person, taken the high ground but still found yourself disappointed? This is a very real challenge of Christian service. God I’m trying to be obedient to the bible but “they” won’t let me, lol. Is being obedient to God enough for you to rest in His peace? Do we need people to give us something that God has already provided? Matter of fact “peace” is not something that man can provide. It is a spiritual gift according to Galatians which means that it originates with God, for those adopted by God.
Verses 9-21 says that peace is an extension of love. This peace that we all seek rests in the idea of fully receiving God’s love. Fully receiving God’s love enables us to be at “peace“, even when others promote chaos. Perfect peace is not based on what is happening around us but what God has already done in us (peace I give you, peace I leave with you). Receive the peace of God as you move forward in His calling on your life. Peace be still doesn’t only work on the winds and the waves, it also settles the storms in our minds and hearts.